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First up, my CV

My first gig was in 3th grade. I drew a tree and the kids were AMAZED. It might be the first memory I have of good feedback for my work. That feeling of joy have been with me ever since.

But let’s focus on the grown up stuff, so look to your right. continue down your phone.

All right!

2013 - Today

Graphic designer at Pixelstore AB

Got headhunted right after highschool to work at Pixelstore AB close to Gothenburg, so I closed my company and started working there.

Here at Pixelstore, I’m responsible with client meetings, wireframing, design and web development. I also do photography, print design and brand identity.

2012 - 2014

Graphic designer at Graphic Leaf

When I turned 18, I started my first advertisement company were I worked during my period of study. Did web design, business cards, logos and such.

2010 - 2013

NTI-Gymnasiet: Graphic design

Studied graphic design in Sundsvall for 3 years.

Personal projects

I’ve had a couple of personal projects from time to time, here's a few of them.


2017 - Today

Swedish news magazine about product design and simple lifestyle.


Swedish web app designed and led by me, which now has a team of 4 talanted people. It's been crafted to help the vegan community find restaurants, facts, recipes and food information. It got featured in both Expressen, Vegokoll and Pinto.


The Northcast

A Youtube-channel with more than 100 000 views per video. At the time being, it was one of the largest channels in Sweden when it came to video game play, today it’s not that active anymore.

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Djurens Rätt Design

Djurens Rätt is one of Sweden’s largest organisations on Facebook. With over 300 000 followers, they reach an enormous amount of people. I’ve had the great opportunity to help them design what they’ve called "their most successfull campains so far".

Here we have campains for vegan summer inspiration, a petition to stop wild animals on circuses and one about adoptions.

Are you vegan as well?

Sure thing, look at my next project, it's actually a search engine for vegan stuff.

Vegosvar Design

Vegosvar allows you to find restaurants, facts, recipes and products that could be in interest for you as a vegetarian or vegan. Project management, wireframing, web design and graphic identity was created by me, with a developer and sales team of 4 talanted people.

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Studio Kalufs Design

Studio Kalufs is a small but incredible talented hair salone based in Stenungsund, close to Gothenburg. I wanted to give the site a hand crafted feeling, so I brought my water color to the table and started to paint. It resulted in a couple of icons for each service they provide.

Here we have the barbershop for example.

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Formtale Design

Formtale is a swedish news magazine about product design and life style. It’s currently just a side project which I created in the begining of 2017. Based on Wordpress.

It’s an ongoing project which hopefully will create more intrest for design.

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Tenson Design

Tenson is one of the greatest outdoor clothing companies based in Sweden. My role in their new international web shop was to create wireframing, design and bring that into production. It's based around the Shopware system and designed by me using sass and html. Programming was done by my colleagues.

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Stenungsbaden Foto

Stenungsbaden is a yatch club based in Stenungsund on the Swedish east coast. I’ve had the opportunity to be their photographer a couple of times.

Nice drums!

I like making videos as well, this one is for Daiya, Gardein and Dutch Weed Burger, three new vegan brands in 2017.

Studio Kalufs Branding
Vegosvar Branding
Smoothcomp Branding
Smoothcomp Branding
Formtale Branding
Fightershoppen Branding
RR i Väst Branding
Vegotips Branding
Vegomaj Branding

And here’s a couple of brand identities I’ve helped created.

So, that’s a bit of my work, hope you liked it!

Yea, I’m impressed!

Your work is great and all, but can you tell me more about you as a person?

Haha sure, I’m a living being after all.

That’s me and my girlfriend, we live in Stockholm and have just adopted a dog from Budapest. His name is Riley ❤️


Anyway, thanks for the talk!

I know this conversation is staged by myself and all, I'm not crazy. But I feel like we’ve come closer anyway. I’d love to talk more in person, so give me a call at 070-616 37 37 or email

Will do!

One more thing Per, could you tell me more about your ways of thinking when it comes to user friendly design? |

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